Webhooks are automated messages/data sent from apps when something happens. It's usually a message/data that is sent to a unique URL of your choice.

To put it simply it's like a connection system that you set up to send and receive data about your customers and audience from one app to another.

A webhook is made of 2 parties mainly:

  • Outgoing webhook: The app that will be sending the notification and transferring the data.

  • Incoming webhook: The app that will be receiving the data. Which is Automizy in this case.

Outgoing webhooks require the URL to deliver requests.

This is most often done through a backend generating a unique URL from the incoming webhook provider.

This means that you have to set up a URL in your Automizy account that’s accessible from the public web to be identified by the outgoing webhook app.

You can configure your webhooks to trigger events on one site to transfer the data to another.

Automizy incoming webhooks allow you to:

  • Send your new leads from other apps to your contact list.

  • Tag incoming leads from a specific source.

  • Trigger email autoresponders to leads.

Say you have an app that can share data with a webhook URL. To connect it, you’ll need to set up an incoming webhook URL in Automizy.

Click on Settings and select “Incoming Webhook”.

1. Create an incoming webhook

Name your webhook, select the contact list and the tag you want to add to your new subscribers.

Copy the webhook URL and click done.

Lastly, you have to paste your webhook URL in your third party app that you want to integrate into your Automizy account.

If the external app provides outgoing webhooks, you can define the keys by copying them from the list below the URL.

You can use the merge tag itself e.g. "{{firstname}}" or just the key itself "firstname".

Keep in mind that the email address is mandatory to include.

Read more about webhooks and find examples in the REST API documentation’s Incoming Webhook section (strictly for developers).

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