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How to embed an Automizy Form into Elementor
How to embed an Automizy Form into Elementor
Embed an Automizy form into Elementor and collect leads.
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For Elementor users, it’s possible to automate the communication with leads generated through your Elementor web pages.

Here is how to integrate your Elementor website with Automizy.

1. Add the HTML element to your Elementor page

2. In the HTML box, you will have to paste the HTML code of your Automizy form

3. Create an Automizy form

Finish designing your form to match it with your Elementor web page.

Make sure you apply this rule.

Redirect submitters to a specific URL instead of the thank-you page:

The specific URL you redirect form submitters to, can be an Elementor Thank you page or any page you’d like your leads to visit.

Once finished, click on the “Next” button on the top right corner.

The next step is embedding the HTML code in your Elementor.

4. Copy your HTML code

5. Paste your form’s HTML code in the HTML box of your Elementor page.

Your form will be responsive to both tablets and phones.

Once published all leads will be synced automatically to your contact lists.

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