No, you don't. For better email performance and results we recommend a single opt-in for the following reasons.

Double opt-in is not required by laws and anti-spam regulations.

Using a double opt-in process significantly decreases your email list size as contacts have to perform a further action that breaks the user experience.

A single opt-in with Google reCAPTCHA (enabled by default on all Automizy forms) is enough to protect your email list from spammers, and it doesn’t ruin the experience of your contacts.

Laws and regulations like GDPR (Europe) and CAN-SPAM (USA) do not require double opt-in.

If you're under more strict regulations such as CASL laws (Canada), it's recommended to set up a double opt-in process to prove your subscribers' expressed consent.

Here is how to create a double opt-in process in Automizy:

1. Go to Automation

Create a new automation.

2. Choose “Double Opt-In” automation blueprint

3. Edit your automation details

Now that the double opt-in blueprint is opened, you will have to customize your confirmation email content and add your confirmation link.

Once you customized your email content, hit publish and your new subscribers will automatically go through a double opt-in process.

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