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Why is the formatting of my test emails broken?
Why is the formatting of my test emails broken?
Browser extensions sometimes break the formatting of test emails sent from the preview step. It doesn't effect live email sending.
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Most of the reported cases of broken email formatting for test emails came from users who are using browser extensions or plugins.

The reason behind it is that some browser extensions are affecting your email formatting.

For instance, users who are using Grammarly extension on Chrome experienced broken email formatting for the test emails they sent from the preview step.

It doesn’t have any effect on the live email sending, browser extensions only break the test emails.

To avoid this problem from occurring, please disable any unnecessary extensions for the domain.

After disabling the extension you will need to refresh the page with emptying the cache.

To be able to do that, press the right click of your mouse anywhere in Automizy dashboard, and click on "Inspect"

When the "Inspect" page is open, right mouse click on the reload icon on your browser and select "Empty Cash and Hard Reload".

That's it, this will solve the problem of why your email formatting is broken.

If a similar problem occurs while you’re not using any extensions please contact support with the in-app chat in the bottom right corner.

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