In Automizy you have the option of setting up a default Sender detail which includes:

  • Sender name.

  • Sender email address.

  • Reply to email address.

Here is how it’s done.

1. Go to setting

Select “Sender & Unsubscribe Setting.

2. Enter your default sender details

Keep in mind that you have to use a business email address with a domain name to avoid emails from landing in the spam folder.

Unexisiting sender email addresses are accepted as long as it includes the domain name of your business. However, we don’t recommend setting up “no-reply” email addresses, like

And for the reply-to email address, you must enter an existing email address to make sure you receive replies.

Now that you have your default sender details saved, it will be automatically added to your campaign setting when sending campaigns or automated emails.

You can use an unlimited number of different sender details, not just the one you set up as default.

It’s done through the email set up of your campaign and automation.

Note: You can only use 1 email address per email as the sender.

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