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How to import Contact Tags into Automizy?
How to import Contact Tags into Automizy?
Have a look on the step-by-step process on how to import your contacts tags into Automizy.
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If you are using ONE TAG to all contacts, just upload the CSV and add the TAG during the contacts import process.

When importing a CSV file of your contacts into Automizy, you can apply a contact bulk tag that applies to your whole contact list.

If you have more than just one tag and you don’t want to apply just 1 tag to everyone, there is a little workaround to save the prior tags you applied to your contacts.

In Automizy you can’t upload tags when importing new contacts.

But, you can convert those tags into custom fields and you will be able to save your contacts’ tags data as custom fields.

There are 2 solutions for importing contacts with their tags.

Solution 1: Change tags to custom fields

You will have to create a custom field in your CSV and instead of multiple tags in one column, you have to add only ONE tag in the custom field column.

1. Add contact custom field

Read this quick guide on how to add custom fields in Automizy.

2. Export your email list from your previous tool or CRM

Export your contact list from your other tool, and verify that the tag column contains 1 tag only for each contact.

3. Import your CSV file to Automizy

Import your CSV file into Automizy and you will successfully have your contact information with the custom field data imported.

If your contacts have more than one tag, repeat the same process, just change the custom field column with a different value, and re-import it to Automizy.

Make sure to check the box “Overwrite my existing contacts’ value with new custom values.

Your contacts will not be duplicated, instead, the new custom field value will be added to the custom field column of your contacts.

Repeat the process for as many contact tags as you have. Just convert the tags to custom fields and import.

Solution 2: Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to migrate your data and connect the Automizy app with your other tools and sync your data at once.

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