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How to use Webhooks to integrate ConvertBox with Automizy
How to use Webhooks to integrate ConvertBox with Automizy
With webhooks, send subscribers from your ConvertBox forms and popups to your Automizy account.
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1. Design your popup in ConvertBox

2. Select your form box

Click on your form to open your form editor setting tab.

Click on “Form action”.

Select “Add integration

Select Webhook as integration.

3. Login to your Automizy account

Go to your Setting and select “Incoming Webhook”.

4. Create an incoming webhook

Name your webhook, select the contact list and the tag you want to add to your new subscribers.

Copy the webhook URL and click done.

5. Paste the Webhook URL in the appropriate field in ConvertBox

Select Webhook as integration and paste your Webhook URL.

Click on “Send test” to test your webhook and receive an example contact detail to your Automizy email list.

Lastly, click “Add form action” then click “Done” and you will have your webhook successfully integrated.

Publish your popup and your new leads will be synced to your Automizy contact list.

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