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How to integrate SilFer Bots with Automizy
How to integrate SilFer Bots with Automizy
This integration lets you save customers сontacts from SilFer Bots to your Automizy contact list.
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1. Open your SilFer Bots dashboard

Open the menu tab on your dashboard and click on “Setting”.

2. Select the integrations tab

Scroll down and find Automizy in the integration list.

3. Login to your Automizy account

Click on “Setting” at the bottom left, and select the “API Token” option.

Click on “Create Token” to generate your API Key.

Click on “Copy & close” to successfully save and copy your API key.

4. Paste your API key in SilferBots

Paste your API key in the API field in Automizy integration and click “Connect”.

Right after successfully integrating SilFer Bots with Automizy, you can start sending subscribers to Automizy.

Here is how it’s done.

1. Create your Messenger workflow

Here is a general chatbot workflow I designer to make this guide more practical for you.

2. Select the confirmation message

Click on the confirmation message that’s sent to contacts who responded Yes to joining your email list.

Click on “+Action”.

Select “Add user to Automizy”.

3. Click on Automizy action in your chatbox

Select the email list in which you want to add users to, email field and tag.

Don’t forget to do your custom field mapping and match your custom fields.

Once done, click ”Save”.

There you go, once you publish your Messenger workflow with the action of adding users to Automizy, your users will sync to your email lists.

After you publish your workflow, test it to make sure users are synced to your email list.

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