You can dynamically add tags to your contacts in your email automation.

Adding tags can help you identify and segment contacts based on:

  • Actions they perform

  • Stage in the funnel

  • Custom field data

To learn how, follow these steps:

1. Open your automation builder

Select the automation tab on your dashboard to build your email automation.

Suppose I’m creating email automation for my lead magnet.

2. Locate where to add your tag

In this use case, you can add a tag to users who download your lead magnet and identify them.

Here I will add a tag to contacts who clicked my lead magnet link.

Locate where you’d want to add your tag and click the (+). Then select “Do this”.

Click in “Add tag to contact”.

You can select an existing tag you have, or you can create a new tag.

Once you save your contact tag will be saved.

Now every contact who click the lead magnet link will be automatically tagged “lead-magnet-download

You can add conditions in your automation before the action of adding tags to segment your contacts based on other criteria such as “If a contact”:

  • Has opened an email

  • Has clicked a link in email

  • Subscriber has a tag

  • Subscriber is on a list

  • Contact customer field

The same way you add tags to contacts in automation, you can dynamically remove tags too.

Locate where in your automation you want to delete a contact tag, and select “Do this”.

Select “Remove tag from contact”.

Select the tag you want to remove and click “Ok”.

That’s it.

Tagging your subscribers in automation provides you with more opportunities to send segmented, targeted, and personalized emails.

Don’t miss out on it.

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