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WishList Member and Automizy
WishList Member and Automizy
Automate your WishList membership communication, send triggered emails, and apply contact tags to your community members.
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1. Create your Membership Level

Create your membership level in your WishList Member account.

2. Go to Integrations

Open the “Email Providers” tab and click on Automizy.

Active your Automizy integration by clicking the toggle button.

Next, click on “Configure”.

You’ll be requested to enter an Automizy API token which you can find in your Automizy account.

3. Login to Automizy and go to Settings

Click on “Settings” at the bottom left, and select the “API Token” option.

4. Create API Token

Click on “Create Token” to generate your API Key.

5. Copy your API Key:

Click on “Copy & close” to successfully save and copy your API key.

6. Paste your API token in the API field

Get back to your WishList Member app, and paste your API token, then click “Save & Close”.

Once done successfully, you’ll get a confirmation.

API Status: Connected.

After successfully adding Automizy as an integration, you need to create your actions that are related to your members’ activities.

Mainly Actions allow you to:

  • Add contact to a specific email list

  • Add contact tag

  • Remove contact from a specific email list

  • Remove contact tag

The above actions can be applied when a member is:

  • Added

  • Removed

  • Cancelled

  • Uncancelled

Here is how it’s done in your Automizy integration:

7. Go to Actions

Click on the Edit icon of your membership level.

In the following tab, you’ll be able to add set up actions based on your members’ activity.

Your contact lists and tags will be automatically synced to your WishList Member Automizy integration.

Once you click on “Select list” you’ll be able to see your Automizy email lists, select the list you want to add contacts.

The same applies to adding/removing tags.

Once done, click on “Save & close”.

That’s all!

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