1. Login to your InboxAds account

On your InboxAds dashboard, click on “Add a newsletter”.

2. Set up your newsletter setting

Name your newsletter, and in the ESP select “Automizy”.

Click “Next Step: Zones”.

3. Select your Zones

Name your zone and choose the format.

Then click “Save Zone”.

Once you have a zone saved, click “Next Step:CNAME”.

4. Set up your CNAME record to your domain

Login to your domain manager and set up the provided InboxAds CNAME record.

Once done, click “Next Step: Done”.

5. Copy Ad Code

Click “</> Get Ad Code” to copy your ad HTML code.

6. Open your Automizy email builder

Drag & drop the element “Code Snippet” to your email.

Paste your InboxAds Ad code in the HTML box.

Click outside the HTML box and you’ll see your ad displayed in your email.

That’s all!

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