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Agiled and Automizy
Agiled and Automizy
Agiled integration helps you sync your contacts’ data to your Automizy account.
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Here is a step-by-step guide to integrate Agiled.

1. Open your Agiled profile

Click on “Administrator” and click “Profile”.

2. Open the integration tab

On the profile setting menu, click “Integrations” to open your integration setting.

Select Automizy integration by clicking “Integrate Now”.

You will need an API Key from your Automizy account.

3. Login to Automizy and go to Settings

Click on “Settings” at the bottom left, and select the “API Token” option.

4. Create API Token

Click on “Create Token” to generate your API Key.

5. Copy your API Key:

Click on “Copy & close” to successfully save and copy your API key.

6. Paste your API key to Agiled

Paste your API key in the API filed and submit by clicking “Get Lists First”.

Right after pasting your API key, you have 2 options:

  1. Sync contact data to Automizy

  2. Sync contact data from Automizy

Sync to Automizy

To sync your contact data to Automizy, choose the list(s) where you want to send the contacts to.

And click “Sync”.

Sync from Automizy

To sync your contact data from Automizy, choose the list(s) which you want to get the contacts’ data from.

And click “Sync”.

Agiled will get all the leads from Automizy and sync them with Leads. All the duplicates will be automatically discarded by Agiled.

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