1. Select your scenario trigger

Open your Integromat scenario builder and choose your trigger. In this scenario, I’ll use Unbounce as a trigger.

2. Add Automizy as a module

Click on “Add another module”.

Select Automizy on the modules’ list.

3. Select your action

Select the action you want to trigger.

4. Add Automizy as a connection

Click “Add”.

You will need to paste your API key in the designated field.

5. Login to Automizy and go to Settings

Click on “Settings” at the bottom left, and select the “API Token” option.

6. Create API Token

Click on “Create Token” to generate your API Key.

7. Copy your API Key:

Click on “Copy & close” to successfully save and copy your API key.

8. Paste your API key to connection

Paste your API key in the API field and click “Continue”.

9. Select your contact list and save

Select the contact list you want your contacts to be added to, and click “Ok” to save.

In the “Email address” field select the email address custom field.

You will have to the same for your fields’ mapping.

Once done, click “Ok”.

That’s it! Now you have successfully integrated Integromat and Automizy.

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