Automizy’s anniversary trigger helps to trigger your automation every year on specific dates:

  • First purchase.

  • Customer birthday.

  • Wedding anniversary, etc.

Here is how to set up automation with an anniversary trigger.

1. Create a new automation

Open your “Automations” tab and click “Create Automation”.

Start with a blank canvas.

Name your automation and click “Ok”.

2. Select your trigger “Has anniversary”

Click on “Has anniversary” as your automation trigger.

A date-based automation trigger will allow you to start the automation based on a contact’s date field that you can find in the contact profile.

  • Birthday date

  • Joining date

Then you can choose to trigger your automation to contacts:

  • On: The exact date displayed in their field.

  • Before: Number of days before the date displayed in their field.

Anniversary automations are triggered to send at 00:00 in GMT+0.

If you'd want to send your anniversary email at a specific time, apply a "wait period" after your trigger.

You can use Time Zone Converter to calculate how many hours you' want to apply to your wait period.

Once you finish setting up your trigger, you can proceed to build your automation.

That’s it!

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