Once you create your sub-account(s) under your main Automizy account, you can access your Client Manager.

Through your Client Manager dashboard, you can:

  • Rename account

  • Distribute contact limit

  • Add/delete subaccounts

  • Upgrade your contact limit

Here is how to distribute the contact limit between accounts.

First of all, you need to withdraw the contact limit from your main account or other sub-accounts. Then you can distribute it to your sub-account.

Click on the pencil icon of the sub-account contact limit.

Enter the number of contacts you want to allocate and click “Save”.

You can learn about how many contacts you have left to distribute on your Client Manager dashboard.

That’s it! If you face any difficulties please contact our support team.

"What happens if I delete my sub-account with a contacts limit in it?"

If you delete a sub-account with a contact limit in it, your contact limit will automatically reversed to the contact poll of your main account.

You can access your main account to redistribute the returned contact limit.

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