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What is the difference between sub-accounts and main accounts?
What is the difference between sub-accounts and main accounts?
Learn the difference between a sub-account and the main account and what access or limitations both have.
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Main account

The “Main Account” in Automizy has the ability to create and manage additional sub-accounts for your different departments, teams, or clients.

Using your Automizy main account you can:

  • Create unlimited sub-accounts.

  • Distribute the contact limit.

  • Rename sub-accounts.

  • Delete sub-account.

  • Invite team members.

  • Remove team members.

  • Upgrade/downgrade your plan.

  • And access plans and billing sections.

And as the main account, you have full control and access to all sub-accounts and their data.


The sub-accounts can be accessed from the profile icon on the top Right corner --> Accounts. This is only accessible from the main account.

When you invite a client or a team member to a sub-account, they CAN:

  • Import contacts.

  • Send campaign.

  • Integrate tools.

  • Set up automated campaigns.

  • Check reports.

  • Invite team members.

  • Access all features.

Yet, sub-account users CAN'T:

  • See the current plan.

  • Access plans and billing section.

  • Upgrade or downgrade plans.

  • Access the main account.

  • Create sub-accounts.

Access other sub-accounts.

Here is how to create sub-accounts for your different teams, departments, or clients.

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