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Groupboss and Automizy
Groupboss and Automizy
Groupboss integration helps you send Facebook group members' contacts details to your Automizy contact list.
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Groupboss is a CRM tool for Facebook group owners & community leaders.

To integrate Groupboss with your Automizy account, follow these steps below:

1.Create an API token in your Automizy account

Login to your Automizy account and click on “Setting” and then “API Token”.

Click on Create “Token”. And copy your API generated token.

2. Paste your API Token in GroupBoss Chrome extension.

Open your GroupBoss Chrome extension.

You’ll need to paste the copied API token in the URL field, in the Autoresponder drop-down field, select Automizy. Then click Next.

3. Create a new list in Automizy

Go to “Contacts” and click “Create list”.

Name your contact list and copy the list ID which you can find in the URL.

For instance, the list URL is:

The list ID is: 115/contacts

Next, you just need to paste your Automizy list ID in your GroupBoss extension and click save.

4. Approve pending requests

Go to your Facebook group and approve the pending requests by clicking on ‘Approve by Groupboss’.

After approving the requests, go to the new list you have created in your Automizy account.

There you will get the information about the members, whose requests you have approved.

You can use this integration to trigger an automation to newly added Facebook community members.

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