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How to Use the Advanced Email Editor
How to Use the Advanced Email Editor
Learn the details of how to customize your emails using Automizy's advanced email editor.
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As we introduced the new Advanced Email Editor in Automizy, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand how it functions so you can easily design a beautiful responsive email.

Here an introduction video to the new advanced email editor.

Here is a more in-depth look at the new advanced editor with screenshots.

1. Insert a column

The first thing to start with when using Automizy’s advanced email editor, you have to insert a column.

Your next step is to set up your column settings on the right sidebar.

You can customize the:

  • Columns number

  • Column properties

  • Row properties

  • Colors and background

  • Padding, etc.

2. Insert content

Once you have your column set up you can now drag and drop your content.

As content you can add to your email:

  • CTA buttons

  • Dividers

  • HTML code

  • Images

  • Menu

  • Social media icons

  • Text paragraph and titles

  • Countdown timer

  • Videos

You just need to drag the content box you want to add and drop it in your email.

Here is an example of a designed email with the labels of each element:

How to personalize your email content?

To personalize your email text, click inside your text block and click on “Merge Tags” and select the contact field you want to include.

Here is how it would like to personalize email content in Automizy’s advanced editor:

How to customize the text in my email content?

Click on the text you want to customize and edit the formatting. A toolbox for customization will appear for you to customize based on your preferences.

Also, on the sidebar, you can customize text, links, padding.

How to customize padding?

Each content box or column you select has “General” settings on the sidebar. You have to click “More options” and customize your padding. Here is where you can find it:

How to use the image gallery?

Click on “Images” in the sidebar, and then in the search box, type the keyword for the image you’d like to use.

On the search results tab, you can scroll to browse images, then you just need to drag your chosen image and drop it in your email template.

How to upload images to the editor?

To upload images you have to click on “Uploads” and then you have 2 options to upload images:

  • Click “Upload image” to browse your folders and select an image.

  • Drag an image from your folder and drop it in the designated area.

To delete an image that you previously uploaded, hover over the image you want to delete, click on “...” and then click “Delete”.

How to edit an image inside the editor?

To be able to edit an image inside your email editor, click on the image you’d like to edit. Then click “Apply effects & more” on the sidebar.

Next, you can edit your image and then save it.

How to add a video to my email?

To add a video, you need to drag and drop video content from the sidebar to your template.

Drop the video content box in your email to be able and set up your settings.

That’s mainly how to manage everything in the new Automizy advanced email editor. If you face any difficulties please write to our support team and we’ll be glad to help.

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