1. Build a new landing page

To build your landing page in Automizy, open the “Landing pages” tab and click “Build a landing page”.

2. Select contact list & add tags

In the third step, you’ll need to select a contact list where you want your contacts to be added.

You can also apply tags to new contacts.

3. Select a landing page template

As we’ll continue to roll out new templates, Automizy provides 14 responsive landing pages that are ready to use for different industries and use cases.

Select the landing page template that works best for you and click “Choose

4. Design your landing page and thank-you page

The drag and drop builder is simple and easy to use. Just drag the content element you want to add and drop it in the area you want.

Customize your spacings, paddings and change the view to mobile to make sure your landing page is responsive.

The same applies to your thank-you page. Customize your thank you page and add important messages you’d want to share with your new contacts.

If you’d want to redirect form submitters to a specific URL, open the settings and set up a redirect.

Check the redirection and enter the URL you want to send your contacts to.

5. Set up URL and SEO settings

To set up your URL, SEO settings, or hide your landing page from search engines, click “Settings”.

To change your URL, open the “General settings” tab and enter your URL.

For setting up the SEO data, open the SEO tab and add your title and meta description. Or you can choose to hide the page from search engines.

6. Publish your landing page

Once you’re done you can publish your landing page. Start by closing your landing page builder by clicking “Close”.

Then click on the dropdown menu and click “Publish”.

Once your landing page is published it will be displayed like the following.

You can access your landing page URL under the title here.

After publishing, you can click on the 3 dots on the right which allows you to:

  • Edit design

  • Access settings

  • Duplicate landing page

  • Access reports

  • Preview landing page

  • Delete landing page

If you have any questions about landing pages or if you face any difficulties please reach out to our customer support team.

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