N8n is a third-party integration software that helps you connect your different marketing or business tools and sync data between the different apps.

n8n.io is a free and open workflow automation tool. It helps you integrate different apps you use to automate processes between them.

To connect your Automizy account to n8n.io, I assume you’ve already installed n8n on your computer. If you haven’t, follow these steps to set up n8n or you can use the hosted n8n app.

Once you’re on your n8n dashboard, click on the “+” icon to add an app.

Then select Automizy from the apps menu.

Once you click on Automizy, you’ll open the integration setup page.

Next, you’ll need to log in to your Automizy account and create an API token.

Copy your API token.

Open your n8n Automizy setup page again, under credentials on Automizy API, and click “Create new

Name your credentials and paste the API token.

Once your API token is set up successfully, you’ll need to select the parameters you need for your workflow. This would depend on the objective of your workflow.

Under ‘Source’ you can select “Contact” or “List”.

Under ‘Operation’ you can select:

  • Create

  • Delete

  • Get

  • Get all

  • Update

Then add the email address and select the list ID which is synced from your Automizy account.

Once done click on “Execute node” to test if all the settings are correct. If everything is fine, you can close the setup window and add the other tools you want to integrate.

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