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Integrately and Automizy
Integrately and Automizy
Integrately is a marketing automation tool. It helps you integrate different apps you use to automate processes between them.
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Integrately is a third-party integration software that helps you connect your different marketing or business tools and sync data between the different apps.

To connect your Automizy account, log in to your Integrately dashboard, and add the app or workflow you’d want to integrate and sync with Automizy.

Once you’re on your Integrately dashboard, click on the “+” icon to add your apps.

Then select Automizy from the apps menu along with your other app that you want to integrate.

For example, here is automation to integrate Calendly with Automizy.

For example, if you’d like to add those book an event through Calendly as contacts in Automizy.

In this case, you’d select the first event in the automation list.

Once you select the automation you’d want to create, the next step is to connect you Automizy account to the Integrately automation.

Click on “Add connection”.

Next, you’ll need to create and copy an API token from your Automizy account.

You’ll need to log in to your Automizy account and create an API token.

Copy your API token.

Then get back to Integrately API connection tab to paste your API token.

Paste your API token and click “Continue”.

Once your Automizy account is successfully connected, you’ll see the data mapping and you can select the list where you want to add contacts and map to remaining contact fields.

Once both apps connected and you finished mapping your data to match it, click on “Test and Go Live

That’s all! Once the automation is mistake-free, you’ll see a confirmation screen that confirms the success of your integration.

Integrately provides endless opportunities to integrate your Automizy account with your favorite tools. Check the available apps you can integrate here.

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